The Faculty of Arts congratulates PhD candidate Nikos Koutras on receiving the Dunmore Lang College Postgraduate and Honours Scholarships 2015 grant, and the Association of Dunmore Lang Students' Postgraduate Student of the Year 2014 award.

The scholarship grant will provide Nikos residence at Dunmore Lang College and financial support as he continues his studies at Macquarie. He is currently working on research project "Open Access Repositories: Designing an appropriate regulatory framework by balancing the interests of copyright owners and end-users" and is teaching Intellectual Property at Macquarie Law School.

We interviewed Nikos to get his thoughts about his scholarship and PhD experience:

Aside from the financial support, how does the Dunmore Lang College scholarship help you?
I am honoured to be awarded this scholarship. It serves as a motivation for me in accomplishing my research and making a contribution to the society. I also get to engage with other Dunmore Lang students and residents. I feel I am part of a family.

What are your research interests?
My research interests are about access to educational resources in the context of globalisation, copyright issues and open access, and the relationship between intellectual property and biotechnology in terms of bioethics.

How is your PhD experience at Macquarie so far?
I am so pleased with the support I'm receiving from my supervisors Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai and Associate Professor Archana Parashar. Macquarie's program is well-structured – there are specific timetables, variety of workshops, and beneficial seminars and conferences. Deciding to pursue PhD at Macquarie is the best decision I have made so far.

What advice can you give to current Higher Degree Research students at Macquarie?
Take small breaks every now and then. When you feel like research work is getting too much for you, go for a walk or hang out with friends. Relaxing can help you re-focus and get back on track again.

What are your career goals?
I would like to follow an academic career and become a professor, and I wish to start this career at Macquarie University.

Congratulations Nikos and we wish you all the best in your research and career!

Law PhD candidate receives Dunmore Lang College awards
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